Starla Halfmann is a professional Austin artist and Texas native. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Design Communications from Texas Tech University. Her art career did not truly begin though until after she decided to quit her desk job of 8 years. She literally worked in the same office building that the movie Office Space was filmed. Much like the characters in that movie, the job was not her passion. After a lot of prayer, she felt it was time to step out of fear and run into her true passion!


"I love what I do and try to maintain a child-like wonder in my work. I'm a Christian artist, in that I follow Jesus and do my best to paint what glorifies Him. Growing up, I lived on a farm in West Texas (middle of nowhere) where the only access I had to art was a "P" encyclopedia. At four years old, I would thumb through "Paintings" thinking 'Anyone who can do this has got to be happy all the time!' I chased butterflies, collected shells, glass, rocks, - whatever I found interesting and beautiful. Immersed in nature, I felt wonder all around me. Everyone thought I would end up being a veterinarian because I loved animals so much - one of the reasons why I paint them so often. What I find funny is even when I'm not creating a painting with animals they still show up hidden in my abstract paintings. They always find a way to come out. 


On most days, I still feel that wonder when I paint. To be able to create freely and express oneself fully is truly a joy and blessing that I never want to take for granted." 


When it comes to the creation of Starla's paintings truth, love, and prayer all play an integral part! Each painting radiates a different story because she invites God to work through her art. Starla's passion for Jesus, art, and life art what emits joy to her paint brush.